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UPDATE March 12, 2018: Buy back program started: Phase 1 wallets access holder (March 7th- April 7th) COMPLETED. Phase 2 website access holder ( March 28 - ). Rate is $1.5 per 1 Litra

Our vision is to improve outcomes for patients.

We are building a new health economy centered around the consumer, focused on transparency and convenience. Build decentralized applications that Simply Work. Executable on mobile devices, compatible with major existing EHR systems.
Designed with stability, modularity and healthcare interoperability in mind, Litra is the foremost toolkit for building trusted decentralized healthcare applications.


Create access to better,more integrated care. offering free health record access and enable effective working of professionals across provider boundaries.


We will have Patient centric care coordination. so you don’t have to move the data to a central location.


Replacing 16 apps and platform with 1 app for better healthcare.Built with interoperability that drives health information exchange.


Patients are the most underutilized members of the care team, patient involvement and achieve quick success in changing behavior.


We are thrilled to share with you Litra Whitepaper. our free access blockchain will have the highest impact value in the healthcare industry:

Why do you choose LITRA

We want you to have easy, secure access to your health records - On your mobile phone or on your computer. In the same way that you can easily check the weather or the status of your flight, your health records should be accessible to you and your designated healthcare providers. The US healthcare market is a $5.5 Trillion Dollar industry - You deserve better. You deserve LITRA.

Solid Ecosystem

Sustain a competitive advantage by supporting stable and growing user base. By making the experience of our products unique and valuable.


by eliminating manual processes (ex. reconciliation between multiple isolated ledgers, administrative
processes, etc.)


of transactions and settlements
through immediate


through use of


by time-stamping entries and sharing a common, immutable ledger across the network.


of single points of failure & attack through distributed network nodes.


“We are confident that we understand and can manage the impacts of scaling the technology,”


Go to UPPA.io Early Access is open, free Litra coin per user, check our referral rewards.

No, think about Litra blockchain as database, global system of record for the entire industry, your data will be in multi servers as it is now, hospitals and other health care institutions, we will just connect all of these together.
You will access it for free, same is your healthcare providers, and who ever you authorize, but no one else will access it.
We are very confidant from our technology and business model, our approach is direct, simple and to add value, plus team-base.
Yes, because it's free for them to adopt,and they will benefit from it.


- Coin name: Litra
- Coin symbol: À
- Coin short: LTA
- Limited supply: 99,999,999 Litras
- Pre-sale & ICO: 29,999,997 Litras
- Minting by block reward as in Bitcoin
- Litra coin is valued as 1 USD
- Backed by $5.5 Trillion Market Size



ICO Investors


Healthcare providers


Beta Sign up Individuals


Reserved, Miners, Team


We are confident that we understand and can manage the impacts of scaling the technology. We are all about life, we are all about enjoying life, our mission is to help people live better lives through better healthcare, whatever it takes, we will knock down all the obstacles on our way.

Sergey Akayev

Technology & Cryptocrurrencies

Akayev is a serial entrepreneur with more than four years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. Prior to joining Litra, Akayev was a co founder of BitcoinCreditOne.

David Rubin

Technology & Adopting

Rubin aims to help bring Litra Blockchain to the mass. With master level of understanding blockchain fle systems and cloud storage

Robert Van Damme

EHR /Chief Blockchain Architect

Van Damme worked in multi EHR/EMR projects including Specialty Hospital chain, in Europe and the US in last 5 years.

Matt Abbott

Technology & Analytics

Abbott brings experience in project management, data analytics and risk management to the board of Litra. Prior to joining Litra Abbott was involved in the development of multi projects Google. Abbott holds Bachelor of Arts in Economics..

Mu Amos


Supervisor and project manager for 3 EHR integrations at 3 different healthcare institutions, including Specialty Hospital chain, advisor for KH Cancer center. Sold frst startup (tradelines.com) at 21, background include marketing and workload optimization.

Dave Norris

Financial Risk/Legal Consultant


$27,5 Million invested from 9014 investors (Real Time)

UPDATE March 12, 2018 Buy back program started:
Phase 1 wallets access holder (March 7th- April 7th)COMPLETED.
Phase 2 website access holder ( March 28 - ).
Rate is $1.5 per 1 Litra

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